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Novel antiviral compounds

The target of a long term research project designed to yield neuraminic acid analogues to remarkably elicit a cooperative inhibitory effect on hemagglutinin and neuraminidase has been successfully archived. Those enzymes are known to pay crucial roles in the adhesion of virus, bacteria and protozoa to the host cells and enhance their proliferation. Their inhibition prevents the progressive replication of those pathogens.

The new technology is based on the totally new concept that the resulting mono- or bi-functional compound resulting from the condensation of a central core of modified neuraminic acid with one or two moieties of known antivirals, will elicit a cooperative inhibition thus delaying the development of drug resistance. In vitro tests suitably confirmed that the new compounds elicit remarkable inhibitory effect in several Influenza Type A and Type B virus strains, including those resistant rimantadine and oseltamivir. However, some other compounds have proven to significantly inhibit Hepatitis C virus. Furthers pharmacological and non clinical studies have been scheduled during the next months to assess their inhibitory effect in influenza virus animal models.

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