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About Therapicon


Therapicon is a biochemotechnological company devoted to develop innovative medicines and drug delivery systems to fit with patients' real needs and to experience advanced treatment challenges. Our chemical and biological products, both proprietary and partnered, include sophisticated technologies and an accurate selection of novel and qualified pharmaceutical active ingredients designed to overcome common barriers to achieve treatment success.

Different approach to innovation is driving, unlike many biotechnology companies, our search strategy for a vital Yin-Yang mechanism of our products to maintain the delicate balance of immune response system. We start by looking at disease expression, then identify the biological unbalanced factors and design drugs and methods to manage and treat it with the higher compliance ratio.

Our Products
Novel or modified molecules or sophisticated drug technologies are constantly designed by our inventors to help ensure that patients consistently get the medicine they need with the lowest incidence of undesirable effects. Therapicon's products currently on the market pipeline include elcatonin (carbocalcitonin), calcitonin salmon, microcrystalline purified flavonoid fraction, oromucosal flurbiprofen and iron polymaltose (ferromaltose).

Our Pipeline
New therapeutic solutions for modifying the immune system disorders (including immuno regulatory genes responsible of inflammation and cancer), for treating type A and type B viruses, HIV infections, and cognitive dysfunctions are among the products currently in development at Therapicon.

A novel method based on the unique and remarkable absorbefacient effect of a special composition mixture, allows to deliver intranasally several peptides suitable for single (analgesic, vaccines) and chronic treatments (incontinence, osteoporosis, prostate). Another propellant mixture, based on a sophisticated proprietary technology, is particularly designed to deliver topically several active ingredients of consolidated use such as acyclovir, gentamycin, thalidomide and healing compositions.

Our Chemical Products
Proprietary and partnered synthesis technologies allow to produce and outsource an accurate selection of qualified pharmaceutical active ingredients manufactured in authorized units according to GMP guidelines.

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