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Collaborative Agreements

To maximise the potential of our products already developed and to speed up the late-stage pipeline, Therapicon has research, development and marketing agreements with some of the world's leading pharmaceutical companies and Research Centers.

Research contracts have been signed in the most recent years with a Research Organization to perform in vivo pre-clinical studies on new modified biological compounds modulating the immune response to prevent and treat an experimentally induced cancer disease and another with a University Virology Department for in vitro testing (plaque test) the activity of new antivirals in some type A and type B strains of influenza viruses.

However, collaborative agreements have been signed for the co-development of equivalent versions of intranasal teriparatide (parathyroid hormone/PTH-36) for osteoporosis and pharmaceutical concentrated Omega 3 at a high dosage regimen for some cardiac disorders.

Marketing agreements with world's leading pharmaceutical companies have already brought some of our current products into the market in:

Argentina Belgium Czech Republic Finland Germany Greece
Hungary Italy Japan Kazakhstan Korea Portugal
Russia Slovak Republic Spain Turkey Ukraine

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