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Therapicon wants to express words of gratitude to those Authorities, Public and Private Institution and Bodies and Persons that have generously contributed to its success by providing free access to citations from biomedical literature, abstracts, full-text articles at journal Web sites and other related, and to applications and patent records.

The free circulation of such unlimited and extraordinary source of information and knowledge significantly helped us to learn important biomedical information which has enabled us to develop unexpected discoveries and to achieve significant goals.
More particularly, our thanks to PubMed and to the related Web sites and links.
However, Therapicon praises those Authorities and Institutions providing and which will make available in future full-text articles and publications at no charge, so that general knowledge may rapidly circulate among the Scientific Community and Researchers, as starting lunch pad for further discoveries and achievements directed to improve quality and to save human life.
Restrictions and unreasonable request for copyright fees limiting or restraining the easy and free access to biomedical literature, such as heavy copyrights imposed by Editors and/or Authors, shall be regarded as a crime versus humanity, particularly versus poor people and countries. Authors and Editors are cordially invited to make freely available at no charge in the scientific network system at least fifty percent of the biomedical information of their publications.
Similarly, Authorities and Public Institutions and Bodies, when economically contributing to a project shall impose that results of the studies, when published, shall be freely accessible at no charge in the network to the Scientific Community and Researchers.
Therapicon express thanks particularly to its Consultants and Staff who contributed and are daily contributing to company's substantial growth and development.
Special expressions of gratitude are addressed to late maestro Prof. Luigi Di Bella for the magnitude of his teachings and the inheritance of his knowledge on cancer that himself has summarized: "When man will penetrate into the futuristic, but not fairy-tale, vision of the tumour as irrepressible and enduring form of life, more than a fatal damnation, thus the Humanity shall have covered the huge distances interposed from the discovery of the life essence. To treat and cure a tumour means all that".

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